Swelling after radical trachelectomy

Hi All

I had a radical trachelectomy with pelvic lymphnode dissection 4 days ago to treat stage 1b1 CC.

Although I am not in too much pain, I am still really swollen in the pelvic area and on the tops of my thighs. Also, today my right leg started to feel quite heavy and I've noticed increased swelling behind my knee. My leg feels really strange - like I don't have proper control over it. I've been so scared about developing lymphedema post-op, and now this new swelling is making me even more nervous! I'm hoping that my body is just adjusting to this new state of affairs and that the swelling will go down, but I'd be super grateful for advice from anyone else who has been through this Op. Did you have any swelling in the thighs and pelvis? Did it eventually subside?

And on top of this am now dreading the pathology results from my Op...

I'm so grateful for sites like this! 




Hi there :slight_smile:
Hope you’re feeling ok? Are you home? 4 days post op is good going :slight_smile:
I had a Trachelectomy on 10th July last year. I was very swollen afterwards… It’s major surgery … They did mine keyhole so pumped me up with air … And it took a good few weeks for my swelling to start to go down. However if you’re really concerned phone your nurse and discuss it with her?
Do you have an appointment to go and see your consultant for your results?
I recieved mine a week after surgery … My nurse phoned with them :slight_smile:

Take care xx

Hi again,

thanks for your reply. I called the Nurse and she said it was probably just my body getting used to the fact that there were no pelvic lymphnodes and that my body was just trying to re-route the fluid. She said to be patient and that the swelli would go down. I felt reassured after that, and it's a bit better today. It's just so strange how your body reacts to things...I've never had any type of surgery before so I wasn't really expecting it. Silly really...

I’m at home and feeling not too bad today. I have an appointment for my results on Monday, so fingers crossed.

Reassuring to know that you are all clear now. That’s great news. Thanks again for your reply.

Take care