Hi Ladies, I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some advice or reassurance about what I think might be lymphedema developing in my right leg and pelvic area. I'm now almost eight week post radical trachelectomy and lymphnode removal (15 in total) and have generally recovered well. But I'm still having some trouble with my legs. The main thing is that the right leg is really quite sore-achy. It feels like I have pulled a muslce on the inside of my thigh running down to my knee. I also have a pain/ache at the back of my knee. There is some very slight swelling there too. I've been referred to a lymphedema nurse and have some very sexy (not!) compression stockings to wear and have been given some exercises to do. I just wondered whether anyone else who'd had their lymphnodes removed had experienced something similar? And whether I can expect things to improve over time or if I'm stuck this way forever?! I know that I'm really lucky to have been given the all clear after my surgery, but the thought of having to wear these stupid stockings and deal with this swelling for he foreseeable future is getting me down a bit. Any advice appreciated! Thanks Kat Ps - forgot to add the I also have swelling and pain/achy feeling in my pelvis. Where the lymphnodes in the groin are. This area is actually quite puffy/swollen. I'm wondering whether he stockings might be pushing the fluid up and it's getting trapped there?

Hi Kat,

Just to say that after I had a bunch of lymph nodes removed (17?) my legs were all puffy and difficult to operate, I had to go up and down the stairs sideways. I can't remember exactly how long it took but probably less than three months. Anyway, it all settled down and my legs are just as they always used to be (shame I can't say the same about loads of other bits! LOL)

Be lucky


Hi Kat

I had 14 lymph nodes removed in Jan, i've been experiencing the same symptoms on the right hand side, my groin area & thigh still puffy & my thigh feels tight some days & is about an inch bigger than the left thigh, nearly 9 months on & i'm starting not to feel it every day like i was although my ankle gets quite swollen by the end of the day, i do feel like things are starting to settle down to what they were


Mandy xx

Hi there. I am 12 months post rad hyst and have just been referred to a lymph oedema nurse. I have swelling in my pubic area and the tops of my legs get heavy and hot. I have been shown how to do some massage to encourage the lymph fluid to move and also have some compression underwear which I wear in the privacy of the house!

it sounds like if you have a lymph oedema nurse you are on the right track. I also thought compression sounded odd but the nurse said it's what forces the fluid to move so swelling doesn't get worse. It's a real pain but I do the massage morning and night and it does seem to help. Good luck