Survivor tatoo

Hi all

i am considering getting a tatoo to mark this episode in my life, a cancer ribbon with a sort of design.  I'm not a tatoo addict currently have 2 but dealing with this disease has made such an impact on me that i want to do this to show that i've survived, lived through this but yes its changed me.

i was wondering if anyone else has done this or in fact anything else to mark their CC journey.



I’m thinking of getting one too! Never had one before though. I’m 30 next year so compiling a list of things to do/accomplish before I’m 40, I’ll never take my life or health for granted again

J xx

Fab idea. My husband and I have been talking about getting one. Not decided yet. Our friend designed a funky one with our daughters name in it and gonna design one with all our names in it noW. Might get year put in it too. But not sure want to remember the year- 13 never been a good number...

whatever, we shall never forget ladies xxx let us know what designs you decide on- any good ideas may be "magpied"

nearly 30, eh? I remember those days... Just! Lol x

Same here! I've been thinking maybe some sort of inspirational quote to remind myself of how lucky and strong we are to have gone through such a tough journey!!

Hi, I had a tattoo over the radiotherapy tattoo mark that I had on my hip.  It's a dove carrying an unravelled teal and white ribbon which is the cervical cancer colour.  I have never had a tattoo before but am really pleased with it. X