I hate tattoos - but.......

I've always disliked tattoos HOWEVER - NEVER SAY NEVER! I was considering getting one to mark my cc battle!  I was wondering if there's a logo or symbol for CC, like they have  for breast cancer - the pink ribbon?  Does anyone know if there is one apart from the Jo's trust symbol?

Hi Sharon,

The ribbon design is the same for all cancers but the colour for Cervical Cancer is Teal and White.  I'm not as brave as you, I got a keyring instead, lol.


Tess xx


I have got a teal and white ribbon shaped in a love heart on my foot, I always said I wouldn't get one but wanted something to mark my journey. I want to have the words live, laugh and love added at some point :-) x

When I’ve finished my treatment and all goes well im having a dove carrying an unraveled teal ribbon…only a small one xx

Nice idea - the keyring, that is ;)

I like the idea of marking this stage of my journey though. Might plant something......