CT scan and Tattoo's

Hi guys


Feeling much better after my last post 'angry', have moved on and had a couple of days of me time.

Anyway I went to my radiotherapy planning ct scan yesterday, have to admit it was probably the most undignified moment in the whole of this tale.  So I lay on this hard trolley in a gown, and they tell me that they need to scan me to prepare for my radiotherapy, firstly they tried to insert a cannula to try and hook up a drip to run some dye through me to make my veins etc stand out but after 2 attempts they couldn't get any of my veins to play ball so they decided it wasn't really needed and abandoned that idea and decided to crack on with the scan.

The next step was to insert a long thin applicator into my vagina (have to admit my eyes bulged at the length), they pushed it in and then strapped the bit that was hanging out to my leg, they said that the applicator would show on the scan and they could then see where the top of my vagina is, they then marked my skin with a marker in three places and stuck on 3 ballbearings on the marks.

So there I was on a trolley, with this long applicator hanging out, they all left the room and I just thought if anyone had seen me like this they would have though it was some weird sex game I was playing haha

The machine booted up and within 5/10 mins the scan was done.  The radiologist and the nurses came back in and removed the applicator and they then tattooed the marks in place, which was a little painful, but I have to admit the spots aren't big. my little war medals :) 

Anyway radiotherapy starts for me in the next couple of weeks so for now im just gonna relax, and not worry, at the end of the day my cancer has gone gotta make sure the bugger doesn't come back 


Emma x

Thanks for sharing that lol!!! Dignity left the building at diagnosis. Have to laugh or you would... Well, cry? I hope ur ok, I may be just behind you so good luck matey x hope ur dealing with this ok

Hugs to you on this Friday 13th, another Friday night in wandering what will happen next. What happened to the pub nights and no worries? Sigh x

Hi Emma,

Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better - I just wanted to give you a big hug after your last post! Keep your chin up hun and remember that we are all here anytime you need us :)

Soph x

Emma you have such a great turn of phrase dealing with all this - I think its the only way to deal with it all and keep some sanity - we are all good at using humour in the worst situations !

Will you have just radiotherapy or do you have chemo as well ?

Hugs to you  xxx

Hi Disney

I am lucky I get both Chemo and Radiotherapy, the funny thing is im having it and my cancer is gone lol, but hey ho if it keeps the little bugger at bay.  You are right humour is the only way to go there have been many times I have wasted too much time crying, at the end of the day crying isnt going to stop it, cancer won't break me down I wont allow it too xxx


My mum had breast cancer a few years ago and although once they removed the lump the cancer was gone, they still did chemo and radiotherapy to ensure it stayed away! You're very brave and also very inspiring sharing your personal journey to help others x