Starting treatment

Hi lovely ladies,

I had my tats yesterday, and will start my Radio, Chemo, and Brachi therapy treatment on Tueday. Thanks a million for all your support, and I will keep you posted.

Big Hugs to you all xxxxxxx

Best of luck Diane - hope it all goes really well :-)



Hiya Diane good luck with your treatment am nearly 2 weeks done and feeling fine apart from my kids have all got a sickness bug so no doubt il be getting it soon :(( keep us posted on how your treatment gos sending big hugs xxxx

Thanks Tivoli and CVS,

I really appreciate your support and advice as I am getting quite anxious now, and so pleased to hear you feel ok after 2 weeks. Has your Chemo sickness settled down now ?

Love and big hugs to you all xxxx

Yes it's fine now just keep taking my anti sick tabs x