Sudden symptoms- worried lady

Hi, feeL a bit fraudulent posting on here as I haven’t had a diagnosis or anything like that but I’m really worrying and not sure if I’m right To be. 

sorry  this post, it will be a long one! I had my first smear in 2014 and had severe changes which I had treatment for, clear smear in 2015 so back to normal 3 yearly smears after that. 

i Had 2 days of spotting 3 weeks ago which I put down to ovulation, I then had heavy discharge which had a bit of blood in the next week. Since then ive had a lot of pelvic pain, which I’m sure has been on and off for a few months, ive also had a lot of back pain and sometimes a sharp pain in my right side, only right side though. I feel sick more often than I used to, used to feel it if I was really tired but it comes quite often the past few weeks. My reflux, burping has got worse the past few months and I’ve definitely had a change in bowel movements over a good few months even though ive been on iron tablets which should make me constipated but they are softer than usual (sorry!) I’m always tired, but that’s just me and also I’ve got the copper coil which I think is causing low iron hence tiredness, could the coil be causing all my other  Symptoms? I’m bloated a lot these past few weeks, just finished my period which wasn’t as heavy as usual but very painful which it isn’t normally. 

Doctor is sending me for ultrasound but said she couldn’t see anything on cervix, could there be something there she can’t see? Could cancer symptoms come on this quickly or have I driven myself mad googling too much?! 

hope someone can give me some advice. 

thank you, lauren x

It could well be ovarian cyst. Havw you had an updated pap?