Straight answers appreciated

Hi there, I've found this forum really helpful and am hoping some of you can help.

I wentfor a colposcopy two days ago. The nurse was great and said having looked over my smear results (high grade changes) I would need a lletz. Since I was on my own it was decided that I will bring someone next time and have it done later.

The colposcopy itself is what's confusing me. The solution was applied and pretty much all the area she swabbed turned white. She took three punch biopsies at the time. I'm not going to get hysterical and be non stop googling...I just want to know if any other women had a similar experience. I asked if it was likely I had cervical cancer due to there being so many obviously abnormal cells and she became quite evasive. The response from most people is 'don't worry' or 'wait and see' which I know is well meaning but doesn't help. 

Thanksfor taking the time to read my post f

Hi bookiebird,

It's really hard to tell, isn't it, if somebody is just fobbing you off or if they really don't know. If it were really easy to tell just by looking with the naked eye then there would be no need for the biopsies, so I imagine that you are not being fobbed off and that she really honestly truly doesn't know. 

Be lucky


Hi Bookiebird,

I don't think it's the quantity of the cells that are abnormal that can define whether it is cervical cancer, it's how advanced the cells are, so they really can't tell from applying the solution. All this does is show that their are abnormal cells to be removed and the biopsies determine how advanced they are.

The majority of my cervix lit up when the solution was applied but mine were still pre-cancerous and were cin3 and removed with one lletz under GA.

Hope you get your biopsy results soon to put your mind at ease a little.

Good luck x