Help with Lletz Results Please? Confused.

I had a colcoscopy/Lletz 5 weeks ago after severe abnormalities showed on my smear results. I got a letter 2 weeks ago saying that I didn't have cancer but they couldn't guarantee that all abnormal cells had been removed and due to the severity of the abnormality, they would like to see me again for a repeat procedure. That was today and I had a second Lletz procedure.


The consultant discussed the pathology results with me and the first thing she said was 'I am telling you it is absolutely not cancer, but it was damn close'. She said I had CIN3, but also there was another result, which was 11/12 and I can't remember what it was, but she basically said that had I waited another 6 or 12 months for my smear then it may be a different story altogether. She mentioned something about cervical spots/lesions and if they are open even a tiny bit then that means it is cancerous. I am not sure what this second result was, does anyone know please?


The consultant also tried to reassure me that if when I had my smear in 6 months it came back saying I have HPV, not to worry as this was sort of a good thing as it meant I'd have regular smears as opposed to going back to three yearly. Could she suspect I have HPV, is there any way of knowing or suspecting without testing for it?


Thankyou. I am sorry if I sound like a worrier!


I'm sorry you had to go through a second LLETZ, and that you've been left feeling so confused. It's understandable that you're worried, it's a scary experience that you've been going through.  I'm afraid I don't know the answer re the second part of your results, but would encourage you to contact the hopsital to speak to the doctor or one of the colposcopy nurses as sure they wiill be able to explain things in more detail. It can be confusing during a consultation and it's diffuclt to take everything in at the time.

Re the HPV question, often ladies can test positive for HPV when there are cervical abnormalities. The virus is something that can cause the abnormalities to happen, although there are different types of HPV. It sounds as if they'll be testing you when you have your next smear, a test is the only way you would know if you had it or not.  

The comment about it 'being good' if you test positive for it at your 6 month smear is because then you would be continue to monitored more regularly. If you tested HPV neagtive at your 6 month smear and the result was normal, mild or borderline, then you would most likely be returned to a 3 yearly recall. This is to do with changes in who they screen using HPV testing. It's important to remember as well that most women who have LLETZ don't have any further problems.

I hope this has been helpful and not confused you further, and I wish you all the best.