Still HPV positive 4 years after LLETZ

Hi ladies,

I’ve just had my results from my most recent colposcopy and I’m HPV positive (still) no abnormal cells. I had my LLETZ in 2020 and since then I’ve been HPV positive! I’ve fluctuated between no abnormal cells, borderline, moderate and back to no abnormal cells which I’m very pleased about. I just can’t seem to shake the HPV (it’s been 6 years now) and I’m sick of colposcopies and the anxiety they cause. Is there anyone in a similar boat or anyone who has managed to get rid of it after such a long time?!

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Hi, yes me! So I started back in 2021 HPV positive and low grade changes.
Went to colposcopy and was advised to return in a year.
2022, HPV positive with borderline changes referred back to colposcopy. I was told to return again in a year.
2023, HPV positive with low grade changes referral back to colposcopy, spoke to the nurse who advised to have a LLETZ . Returned 5 weeks after for the procedure and then received my results to say that the LLETZ just showed HPV changes.
6 month check after procedure and still HPV positive and borderline cell changes and now waiting for a letter

Hi :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply. I’m surprised they gave you LLETZ for low grade changes. I’ve been having colposcopies since 2018 and in 2020 I had CIN3 so had the LLETZ. I do wonder if they might give another LLETZ soon, I keep going back every 6 months at the moment :frowning: