HPV and abnormal cells persisting at 6 month review after LLETZ

Hi everyone, I’m brand new here.

I’m almost 29, went for my first screening at 25 then had a colposcopy after as was HPV positive and had cell changes. At colposcopy these were deemed to be mild and I was not offered treatment (nor a 6 month or annual repeat screening which I thought I was supposed to have if HPV and changes detected…).

3 years on, November 2020 my 2nd screening comes back as HPV and severe changes, colposcopy in January 2021 with LLETZ which was all fine.

Went for my 6/12 screening in June and have not has a letter about results but can see on my GP patient access online that it is STILL HPV positive, STILL abnormal cells and ANOTHER colposcopy required.

Just looking for some advice about this really, I am starting a new job in September and absolutely cannot face doing so post LLETZ, wearing pads (I don’t have periods with my contraception but nothing makes me more uncomfortable than pads and the constant wetness I experienced post LLETZ). Also… I’m not even sure I would want a 2nd LLETZ? My mum had it done only once in her mid 20s and went on to have me and my sister and 3 and 6 weeks premature. My sister was in the NICU for a few weeks.

I’ve been with the same partner since before my first screening so the HPV is definitely a persistent/same infection not another strain.

Just feel really let down that treatment evidently has not worked for whatever reason. I’m a very healthy, active person and rarely get ill so don’t know why my immune system isn’t kicking this.

Wondering if anyone else has been in this position and if so, am I likely to be offered LLETZ again or would it be something more invasive?

Thanks gang x


I can’t comment on the second Lletz part. But I feel like I’m in a similar situation to yourself.

I had abnormal cell changes and HPV positive from my first screening at 24 and half. They offered me Lletz after my biopsy showed CIN2/3. I had the test of cure 6 monthly screenings at colposcopy for 2.5 years, then a 1 year screening still at colposcopy because all showed to still be HPV positive. They finally put me on 3 yearly at my GP, which came back positive still, then back to yearly which was still positive, and now going back to colposcopy due to cell changes and still HPV positive :woman_facepalming:

I have the same concern now about if they do a biopsy and it shows I will need another Lletz that it will effect babies being premature.

I think more awareness needs to be done on persistent HPV. I know they currently don’t know why some people can get rid of it and others can’t.
But someone on here mentioned something interesting about it could be linked to being on a contracewpill for 5years+ I’m going to ask about this at my colposcopy appointment.

Sorry I can’t be much help. But I’m sur withers on here will have some past experiences about this.

K xx

Hey thanks for your reply!
So my letter came today and it differs from my GP online record which states abnormal cells and HPV… letter says HPV only no abnormality. But would being HPV pos necessitate another colposcopy when I only had one 6 months ago?!
Who knows, I’m going to call up Monday and get one booked.

Interesting what you say about the contraceptive stuff, I’ve been on various hormonal ones since I was 15 or 16, currently nearing the end of my 2nd implant and planning on a 3rd before maybe trying for a baby in 3 years time. So as you say, ideally would not like any more cervical tissue removed to go along with what will already be an (offensively termed) geriatric pregnancy haha.

I definitely wouldn’t object to a more cautious watch and wait approach with 6 monthly or annual smears if it meant deferring treatment til after having a baby, but I doubt this is something that’s budgeted for. My mum used to do them as a nurse and said if she sent one off that was a few weeks before the patient’s recall was due it would get bounced back.

Can’t find any guidance either on whether or not it is sensible to contact previous partners re:HPV, if only to make sure whoever they are with now attends their screening appointments. I’d only been with my partner for about 3 months when I was first diagnosed with changes so I assume I picked it up from one of my previous boyfriends.

Thanks again, hope everything works out for you and do let me know if you get any answers regarding impact of contraception on shifting HPV. I’m wondering if it is more a correlation noted in women contracting it happening to be on the pill, and therefore less likely to he using condoms?