Starting to get nervous about 2nd colposcopy

Hi gang!
So I had LLETZ in May to remove a large area of CIN3 and had my six month check up a few weeks ago. The results came back HPV negative and so were not tested for abnormal cells but my nurse wasn’t happy with what she saw so has reffered me to colposcopy. I go on Friday.
Last time I didn’t have time to worry as I was phoned up and booked in the next dag and LLETZ was performed straight away.
I cant say the experience was pleasant but certainly not as bad as it could have been (I have vaginismus and really struggle with the speculum!)
This time round I am panicking. My anxiety levels are high!
I’m just worried whether they will do anything on the day biopsies/lletz ect. At least I knew I was having lletz Las time before I even went in.
Is the consultant likely to take biopsies regardless of how it looks? Will they repeat the smear? With me having had quite a lot chopped off Las time, will they do lletz again without biopsy?
I know I’m probably being silly and needlesly winding myself up but I’ve trawled the forum and cant find anything similar to reference. If I’m honest, I’m terrified they see a ‘mass’ or something.
I’m so bad at dealing with these things. Sorry to rant xx