Scared - LLETZ

Hi ladies,

following my third colposcopy I have now been called back for LLETZ and feeling nervous, what should I expect? Should I be worried I have been asked to have this?

many thanks 


Hello Sarah, I have got my lletz next Friday and I'm scared to! I think it's only natural to worry. Hopefully they will just remove the area and everything will be fine.

Hi thank you for your reply. I wasn't expecting it at all so bit of a shock more I think. Nevermind, hopefully it will mean the end of the worrying

: )

Hi Sarah, just thought i'd try and give you a brief idea of what to expect form the lletz based on my experience. For me the lletz was much less uncomfortable and quicker than the colposcopy and biopsies. The only part where i felt very slight discomfort was the local anaesthetic and that's over in a few seconds. I was surprised how quickly it was over. So try not to worry about the procedure itself, its really no worse than what you've already had. It's scary to find that there's something going on 'down there' that you didn't know about but remember your in good hands :). Have you tried ringing the GP to discuss why they want to send you for lletz? i've found mine really helpful in explaining things when i've been unsure. Maybe worth a try if you're feeling worried :) xxxx

Hi Jojo84, thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my message : ) I called my GP today who went through the results with me, one biopsy had CIN1 and one had CIN2, can't understand why the smear didn't show up anything worrying but will ask next week. 

I have a really low pain threshold so dreading it a bit...I am a bit of a wimp!haha

I hope everything goes ok with your cone biopsy next week xxxx

Thank you :) Glad you got to speak to your GP, i found it helped a lot. All the best to you and let us know how you get on! xxx