Stage 2b

Hey Guys! Hope you all are doing well. My grandma who is 80 has been diagnosed with stage 2b CC. The treatment option doctors have adviced is 25 session of Radio Therapy without Chemo. They say she won't be able to cope with Chemo sessions considering her age. I wanted to ask, Is remission possible without Chemo and Branchy???and what all hurdles she'll face during her radio therapy??

Radiotherapy is very successful on its own. Chemotherapy (cisplatin) is used along side it to make it more effective and usually followed up by braccytherapy.  Im surprised they have said she will be unable to cope with the chemotherapy as the long term side effects of the radiotherapy are quite severe from what I was told. I'm sorry so she received a cervical cancer diagnosis but I'm sure the treatment plan they have is appropriate and unless they said otherwise they will be intending to "cure" her. My gran received a lung cancer diagnosis on Thursday and they have advised radiotherapy as her recommended treatment also if surgery isn't an option so it's possible it's fairly common in that age group. Charlene x