stage 2b

Hi I was wondering if there was anyone there I could chat to similar to me. I have stage 2b cc and need chemoradiotherapy?


Hi there,

There are a lot of ladies on here who are / were 2b, me included

I was diagnosed last Christmas and after treatment my scans show no disease......

If you have any questions,  ask away

Take care

I was diagnosed stage 2b, May 2013. Still showing no sign of disease :)

Happy to chat and support you in anyway I can.

Love Mandy xxx 

Hi, I was stage 2b three years ago. Had a radical hysterectomy, 25 radio, 5 Cisplatin, 2 brachy, No sign yet of the cancer returning, happy to answer any questions but most of them possibly already answered in "My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy" Good luck and happy reading :-)

Go well


Hi Dandelion,

I was diagnosed with stage 2b in August this year. I'm just coming to the end of my treatment which was 5 weeks of chemoradiotherapy, followed by 3 brachytherapy treatments. I have 1 radiotherapy session and an overnight stay in hospital for my final 2 brachy treatments left. My latest MRI shows I've responded really well to the treatment and my Dr is really pleased with the outcome. Like the other ladies have said we're here if you need to ask questions or just talk. They really are a lovely bunch of ladies who have helped me since I was diagnosed, by answering my questions and giving tips on getting through the treatments. xx   :)


Love & Hugs

Megsmaw xx