Hi Ladies im 23 years olds currently going though cervical cancer treatment i was just wondering if there is any young ladies currently going though it. Ive been diagnosed stage 2b/3 and i have to have Radiotheraphy with Chemotherapy, i am extremely worried and would love to her from someone that is currently in my situation.

Many Thanks x

Hello. I'm 28 and also 2b, just coming to the end of my treatment now xx


I had a 2b ddiagnosis and Im 2 yrs clear.  If you have any questions ask away


Hi I'm 2b and 31 recently got diagnosed middle of March and currently waiting my treatment start date 

if you have any questions please feel free to ask xx

Hi there, I'm 36 and was diagnosed mid March with 2b cc and start treatment on Monday as part of the interlace trial that's ongoing at the moment so 6 weeks of weekly chemo followed by the standard chemo radiation x

Hi :-)

Sorry you're having to deal with this quite so young. I'm 55, was a 2b in 2011 and nearing the end of my trouble-free five years follow-up. Fit as a fiddle and strong as an ox :-)

Be lucky :-)


im 23 as well and been diagnosed with cc... No official stage been given yet, still waiting on mri and chest xray results! Message me if you want to chat xx

Hi I am so sorry to hear you have Cervical Cancer at such a young age I  hope you make a full recovery. I take it you had symptoms and went to your GP am i right your not offered a smear until your 25?

 Im 51 and this week coming is my last Chemoradiation I start Brachytherapy on the 12th April I am also 2B. You will see the ladies here are all at different stages of treatment but we are all in this together. Have you had a start date yet? The chemo and Radiotherapy are doable when you get your date we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

I will be thinking about you lots of love xx


Hey, I am stage 2b and 25. Diagnosed after my first smear test!!xxx

Thank you for the reply im starting my treatment in two weeks. Hope all is well x

Hi TraceyD

How did you feel during your treatment?

How did you feel post treatment?

Many Thanks


Hi Ali1985,

Ive recieved my treatmentdate for middle of April, how are you feeling ? x


Hi Louisemdm,

Thank you for the reply. What does the interlace trial involve? I have to have 20 sessions of radiotherapy with one day of chemotherapy then brachytherapy.

All the best x



Hi Tivoli,

Glad to hear the amazing results! I dont start my treatment until middle of April but i have a good undestanding what is ahead of me. I'm just going to take it all day by day :)

Thanks for the reply



Hi charlou


the interlace treatment basically starts with 6 weekly sessions of chemotherapy which is aimed at shrinking the tumour before you have your standard 25 sessions of chemo radiation followed by brachy.  I had my first chemo session today and so far all ok.



Hi Charlou,

During my treatment the tiredness gradually increased but was manageable easily by having some early nights and relaxing watching the winter Olympics (im a big winter sports fan ....).  My taste buds and appetite changed and even now I love foods that previously I really didn't enjoy.

The other main issue for me was my bowels ..... early in my treatment I had to take loperimide regularly. 

I was llucky not to suffer with nausea or significantly with any other side effects

Post treatment ..... I have had several issues,  but 2 years have past since my treatment and with the advice from my oncologist I now feel better than I have for years.

Good luck with your treatment.  best advice I can offer is to listen to your body and speak to the hospital team if you have any worries.  


Hi I've got my treatment start date for the 18th April i just want to get it started now - I had my picc line and planning scan done last week so just waiting now. 

have you had your scan yet? X 


my wife was 24 abd also diagnosed with 2b cervical cc w/ lymph node involvement on september last year. She finished her standard chemo rad on nov and her follow up scan and lletz biopsy showed that the treatment was very effective shows no more tumour nor cancer cells shown in the lletz biopsy results. 

She is currently taking 6 cycles of capacetabine oral chemo just for good measures and reduce the chance of reccurence

good luck on your treatment and beat your cancer up! :)