Spending time in hospital after LLETZ

Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone else had had an experience like mine (didn't want to trail through the whole forum).  I had my loop done on March 6th, and everything seemed fine, had period the day after and after that there was just brown discharge (tmi, sorry!).  So fast forward exactly 2 weeks, and the bleeding started to get heavier very quickly, and I was getting horrible stabbing pains in my stomach, but not cramp.  I had an emergency appointment with my Dr, and she said that the bleeding was so heavy that she couldn't see anything when she had a look, so she gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way.  Later on that night, the pains went away, but the bleeding was so heavy that I was going through a pad in 30mins!  I called 111 who sent me a paramedic and I was taken to hospital.  One Dr in A&E told me that I had an infection, and that they would keep me overnight, then after checking my blood test they decided it wasn't an infection and that I could go home after they sealed me with silver nitrate.

The Dr got down there to do it and he said 'it's more serious than I thought' (great!) and that he couldn't stop the bleeding.  So I ended up staying overnight.  The next day I was told it wasn't an infection, and that the original 'seal' had probably come away.  I then had the area frozen, which was very painful for some reason, and told it should stop after that, which it didn't.  It's a few days on now and it has started to slow down for the moment, and I'm home with a couple of lots of antibiotics to take.  

I had been very careful not to do anything you're not supposed to, so I've no idea why this has happened.  I have seen ladies on here before having to go to hospital because of the bleeding, but that they were sealed up and sent home.  I've not seen too many people who had to stay in hospital for days waiting for it to stop!  Has anyone else experienced this?


Sorry about the long post ladies x


I experienced this type of bleeding 2 weeks after my second LLETZ. I went A&E who tried to send me home!! Eventually the doctor saw me and didn't know what to do, just left me there bleeding! Eventually, I was seen back at colposcopy. It wasn't an infection but a ruptured blood vessel which was oozing. They had to fix that up and then put an internal plaster on it (forget the name of it) then I had a vaginal pack. They left me to sit for a few hours, then checked on me again. Everything had settled down. I'd say if you have anymore issues to contact your colposcopy clinic. They know what they are doing and are very used to issues like these. Unfortunately, it seems some of the A&E doctor's aren't!

I hope you feel better soon.


Erika x

Unfortunately the hospital where I had my LLETZ and colposcopy are not in my town, so it is hard for me to get to, so A&E was the only choice.  The blood vessel thing sounds feasable too, though nobody mentioned that to me!     

Yes, I went to A&E first too, luckily the colposcopy was in the same hospital but they were very reluctant to send me! When I eventually got there they couldn't believe it, they said I should have just come straight round! I remember the name of the internal thing, it was called a surgicel dressing. It was like an internal plaster that induced clotting. Worked a treat! If I were you, once you are back up and running, maybe call the colposcopy and ask them if you can go for a check. If they are anything like mine, they can't do enough for you.

I hope you feel better soon.


Erika x

Thanks Erika; they said they would pack it if I had to go back, so I#m hoping I don't have to!