Complications after Lletz

Hi all. I am not wanting to scare those going for lletz, but have just had a very horrible experience and wanted to see if I could get some reassurance from others. 

I had lletz performed yesterday under GA for CIN3. After being discharged I experienced heavy bleeding and passed multiple very large clots, and began blacking out when trying to stand and was taken by ambulance to hospital after collapsing repeatedly when relative tried to get me to the car to take me to hospital themselves. 

A portion of my cervix failed to cauterise during the procedure, so I had to have silver nitrate  applied, a pack inserted (wadding inside vagina to apply pressure) and a catheter fitted. I was then left overnight under close survalience and put on fast again in case I needed to be taken back into surgery for stitches if the bleeding didn't ease. 

Today they removed the pack, and thankfully seem to have stemmed the bleed. I'm hoping to be allowed to leave hospital later today. 

I am now worried about waiting for the results of my lletz, and terrified that if I ever had to undergo a second procedure I'd have a similar experience.

I am sorry that this is in such contradiction to all the very reassuring experiences that others have had, which I am sure are the majority of cases, but I was totally unprepared to have this very worrying experience, and have been left very shocked. 

Is there anyone who can give reassurance that they've had negative experiences and everything turned out OK? 

Hiya, im so sorry about your arfull experiance, I cant offer any reassurance as i only had the normal bleeding and pain after my lletz but i didnt want to read and run! i hope your all ok now and recovering much better.x

Hi there - you poor girl, that's not a nice experience at all. Considering what you've gone through, I don't believe they would do the same treatment again, or if it was necessary, they would take other precautions considering your history. Did they say you have long to wait for your results?

I had heavy bleeding as I walked out of the hospital. I was told bleeding after was normal but it's not always normal, I could have died if I waited overnight like I was told to by the nurse over the phone. I needed surgery. Bleeding is not always normal so if it feels wrong go to emergency. They tell you you need referral to come back and send you to your gp first but I recommend going straight to the emergency because I wasted time in my gp and embarrassment bleeding all over the floor in the waiting room only to be sent to emergency anyway. I was sent to surgery straight away. The surgeon then couldnt find the cut so I lost a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion. Eventually he found a cut on the uterine wall and stitched me up. My period is normally heavy but that doesn't make it normal. It stopped as I sat down but that just meant the blood was gathering inside and came out in clumps. If your bleeding after ring the number, don't hesitate. If it's nothing then at least your mind is at ease but it's not always nothing and you definitely shouldn't sleep on it and wait to see if your still bleeding in the morning like I was told. When I lay down it seamed to stop but that didn't mean the bleeding stopped it just meant I was bleeding internally. xx