Spanish Triathlon 12/12/10 for Jo's :)

Hi Ladies

I seem to have signed up to do a Triathlon (!) having never undertaken a fitness event so daunting before. :shock: I guess this year has given me a taste for a tackling a challenge, and having an all-clear has given me a real boost! :smiley:

It’s 300m swim, 10km cycle and 2km run, so the distances aren’t too bad, just hard work doing it all as fast as possible back to back. I’m doing it along with about 7 male colleagues who are all real sports nuts so I’ve been training hard since Halloween to catch up and feel very motivated! Here are the details:

I think we have to pick a local charity that our company supports, but I want to raise funds on my own for Jo’s and CC. I’m going to see if I can put some of the posters in the ladies loos and local doctor’s surgery, and get my company to match the amount raised. Soon I will email my page to friends and family etc, here it is:

Administrators please let me know if there are any issues
I’ll keep posted on progress 8)

Sent the link out to friends and family last night, by email and on Facebook, and in 12 hours I’ve raised £145 for Jo’s!

  1. :smiley:

Hey love! My husband got into Triathlon last year and this year completed his first full season. It’s a fantastically rewarding sport, coupled with your drive to raise money for Jo’s. Well dont, i’m sure you’ll do brilliantly. xxxxx