Triathlon in Memory of Claire - Raising funds for Jos

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that on the 7th June, my hubby is doing his first triathlon… Altho he has done marathons in the past, he has never tackled anything so difficult before…

What he has decided, with Bob n Lynns permission, is that he wants to dedicate the event to our beautiful Claire Everett-Walker and not only raise awareness of the age limits on smear testing, but also try and raise funds for Jos in the process…

If anyone can spare anything (i know times are hard), it would be gratefully accepted…

He has set up a justgiving site so you can donate on line…
It is


Hi Elaine

How brave of your husband, I’m far too unfit for anything like that.

Would it be ok to add a link to your just giving site on facebook?


That would be fab. I know, he must be mad. But no pain no gain, or so they say.


hi hun

i will join him next year but will defo give this year xxx

well done ray how brave love debi x