First Triathlon Sunday 26th June

Just to let you know that since being treated for CIN3 in February this year I decided to enter the Liverpool Sprint Triathlon which is this coming Sunday, the event comprises of a 750m swim in the Open Water of Queens Dock, a 20k bike ride around the outer city and a 5k run along the waterfront. I have trained a fair bit and braved the open water for the first time last week so am hoping for a successful day. Most importantly I have managed to raise just over £350 and hopefully a bit more on the day, I am very nervous as the Open water is also packed full of jellyfish and goodness knows what, will let you all know how I go on :slight_smile:


How did the triathalon go hun? Think its amazing that you decided to do it and raise some money too.

Love and hugs, KatyXX