Smear test results wrong???

Hi everyone,

I went for my colposcopy yesterday after my smear results had come back as high grade, however, when the Dr did the colposcopy she said she didnt think it was high grade, how does this happen? Does that mean they got the results wrong? Also said in her opinion its not cancer (can't be 100%) but was a relief to hear!

She took a biopsy and said I will get the results back in 3/4 weeks. 


Sarah xx

Hi, this happened to me too.  My smear test results came back with a 'highly unsual result' that they though could be cancer. However colposcopist didnt agree, and biopsies showed CIN2 and CGIN.

I asked the doctor why the results were so different, and he said it may have been have been an incorrect judgement by the person in the lab who looked at the smear.

I just count my lucky stars they were wrong, and at least i was fast tracked and had urgent referrals.

Yours sounds positive, my doctor also said it didnt look like cancer and he was right :-) x

Hi There


My last colosposcopy on the NHS cam back low grade, I didnt trust my results due to the nurse saying she had concerns on the day.


I wnt private, the dr said he suspected CIN 11, conducted a biopsy, results confirmed CIN 11. I had LLETZ on Tuesday and now awaiting results of that.

They get it wrong unfortunatly but I would always get results triple checked now. If I hadnt have followed my instinct CIN 11 would not have been found and treated.


wishing you all the best.


Normal reults until MAR 13- borderline HPV positive, referered colposcopy

APR 13- COLPOSCOPY results mild CIN 1 HPV pos, no treatment come back in 1 year

APR 14- COLPOSCOPY & SMEAR, results low grade (CIN1) NURSE made comments to medical student that concerned me so I went private


JUNE 14- LLETZ done, awaiting results.



i had my first smear come back as cin 1 went to colposcopy and they sent me away for the cells to change, i returned last month and they did a smear and looked closely and they said my cervix looks fine and that she saw no signs of cin 1 or abnormalities at all, i had a letter tuesday from the hospital saying i have very low grade dyskaryosis and that i need a biopsy. i have had mixed signals and am extremely worried. x I thought, it appears the results were wrong! After being told my smear was high grade - this weekend I recieved a letter saying 'no significant abnormality' from biopsies. Not quite sure what happened there but been asked to go back for a check in 6 months - what a relief!xx