High grade smear - normal colposcopy?!?!


my recent smear came back high grade abnormalities with high risk hpv - have had a colposcopy with 3 biopsies taken - dr said nothing she can see concerns her....

anyone else had this? Can this have been a false positive smear? Or could the colposcopy be missing something? Very confused!

think I need to speak to my gp again .....


Hi i had a little similar i had an abnormal smar, then normal and then abnormal again so went for colposcopy they took 2 biopsys and told me it looked very mild and if it was i wouldnt be called back. but my result came back as cin2 so had to go back and have lletz treatment so its not always what they think xx

Yes me....4abnormal smears 3 clear colposcopies, going for an MRI and another colposcopy ....bricking it. As my GP nurse says she's getting the abnormal cells from somewhere...I've posted a thread on it today x