Anyones Results worse than first thought???

Hi there everyone 

was just wondering if anyone here has had a colposcopy and the results worse than originally thought??


For example told you had low grade dyskaryosis yet gone for the colposcopy and told it's CIN2/3 and treatment needed??


My understanding is generally low grade is equivalent to CIN1 which most times needs no treatment just leave and check in 6 months.


I'm trying to research too much and am confusing myself.


Thank you for any replies 



Yes! Mine came back low grade changes and high risk hpv! Had the colposcopy where they told me 'it's much worse' I was booked in for let under general, waited 4 weeks for results they came back today as cin2 signed off and just got to have 6 monthly smears! Stay positive sweetie, your in the right place! You've had regular smears when needed, positive thinking! Inbox me if you need a chat xxx



Yes I'm in the same position. Had second abnormal smear last month but low grade, had colposcopy which showed cin 1-2 which from my understanding is still low grade but I'm booked in for LLETZ this coming Thursday. Am also reading too much and confusing and scaring myself. I keep promising myself not to Google but I know that's easier said than done. Try and keep busy and yes, positive thoughts. And I'll do the same


Yes me. . . .mild abnormal smear and high risk HPV late 2012 ! never had an abnormal one before. Colposcopy 2013 no biopsies. Consultant said couldn't see anything and to have repeat smear in 3 years. 3 ??  As I'm a panic knickers I paid for a repeat in 1 year. no way was I waiting 3  Still mildly abnormal. Nice GP rang the clinic who agreed to do another smear in 6 months or repeat colposcopy. I went for the  smear in  January , still mildly abnormal so got sent for a colposcopy in Feb of this year. Reassuring nurse who did it and said she would treat the mild abnormality there and then as I was worried and had had it for 2 years. Got the letter, nothing found Whoo hoo ! Had test of cure smear last week it has come back as severe dyskaryosis ! How ? Did they miss it or is this new ? Am in total melt down as I already have a precancerous condition.   Will be at the GP first thing and need answers . If I had gone along with what the consultant said I wouldn't have had any follow up until next year . Thinking about changing hospitals now as I need a definitive answer. Advice please ?  

Hi, yeah it's quite common, the smear is only an indication as it only scrapes the top layer of cells. The colposcopy is a microscope and much more effective for diagnosis, it happened to me too. Try not to panic, at least you know you'll have the treatment and it'll get sorted then you won't need to worry about it anymore. That's my motto :-) x

Thanks Sarah, just can't see how it went from mild to nothing to severe. . . Am hoping to see the nurse who did my smear in the morning. She also thought it was odd that nothing showed up on the colpo. She said "well I've got to have been getting those abnormal cells from somewhere !"  X

I got borderline changes and high risk HPV from my smear results. I was told I have a widespread abnormality during Colposcopy (this means most of my cervix turned white when they applied the vinegar to show the abnormal areas) so they took 3 punch biopsies from 3 areas. 4 weeks later my letter confirms I have moderate changes (CIN 2) so I am going for treatment in just under 2 weeks. My letter also told me that my CIN 2 is nothing to worry about. Try not to worry :)

Thank you ladies for all the replies x

I really feel I'm going to have worse results than the smear says!!

I know a lot of women feel this when they read the letter referring them for a colposcopy etc

But I knew something was wrong when she did the smear and haven't felt right for a long time.

I had a feeling something was going to show up on the smear (never concerned me in all my others) and I now have that same feeling for the colposcopy!!!

Anyway thanx again for all the replies good luck to you all wherever this journey takes ya and Noni hope you get answers good luck xx

 Hi ladies...just a quick update...i asked my GP if I could change hospitals, no problem he did it that day. Meanwhile I got the credit card out and paid for a private consultation and colposcopy....nothing turned white! He couldn't do any biopsies because there was nothing to biopsy. he cancelled my next appointment at the hospital and discussed me at the next meeting and also confirmed my smear results as severe. just had follow up appointment with him, now NHS, and colposcopy where nothing visible in vagina but cervix not visible, so 2 months of vaginal oestrogen and back to see him in Dec. meanwhile he has booked me an MRI and I'm not sure why ? He said he doesn't want to overtreat  me so it might be a waiting game. In short on the letter to my GP it says abnormal cytology with no obvious lesion seen at present....still bricking it..