Hello Everyone, About two years ago I had a smear test that eventually led to a LEEP prodcedure. The smear test can back slightly irregular but after a cervical biospy (which I believe is a colposcopy) it changed to HGSIL :/ which at the time was so confusing and scary, I had all the emotions about it. My Dr said it wasn't cancer but he wanted to schedule a procedure called LEEP to remove the affected tissue, I didn't question anything and had it done. The LEEP was sucessful and my Dr even went ahead and performed a DnC and tested the tissues in my upper cervical canal and uterus which all came back clear. I was suppose to go back for a smear test 9 months later but b/c of my extremely stressed finanical situation and a new job that didn't give me any paid time off regardless of sickness or not, I allowed it to slip by me, plus the LEEP was extremely expensive, I'm still in debt b/c of it. It's been 20 months and I have smear test scheduled for next week, I'm absolutely terrified, what are my chances of irregular cells to start growing back and is nearly 2 years from my LEEP enough time for cancer to grow if so? Has anyone else had a smear test within 1-2 years of a procedure? Thank you