LEEP...now what?


So back in March of 2017 I had a LEEP procedure done. I had had two abnormal paps and the latest came back HPV positive. My doctor decided to do a colposcopy and biopsy. My results from the biopsy came back CIN 2, moderate dysplasia. I was really scared but followed the doctor's orders to have a LEEP procedure done. It hurt like hell, eve with the local anesthetic. The results from my LEEP came back that the edges were clear, meaning they "got it all." Orders from there were to come back in December for my normal annual exam. They reassured me that chances of the abnormal cells growing back and becoming cancerous are unlikely. My annual is coming up and I am thinking about it more and more each day. I am so scared thinking that the cells could have grown back and become cancerous, especially since It will have been almost a year without an exam. Most of my research states that after a LEEP you will have paps every 3-6 months. I was initially confused at why they did not want me to have a check-up pap, and now I'm getting very anxious. Any advice would be appreciative. I'm 24 years old, my doctor said it was very rare for a woman my age to have this done. This makes me even more nervous :(