Smear test after LEEP with HGSIL - Children Mentioned

Hi everyone, about 2 years ago I had a smear test that eventually led to a LEEP procedure. The LEEP was successful and I also had a DnC and the lining of uterus tested, all that went well and was clear, from what my Dr said I didn't have any cancer at all just that it was high grade and they wanted to treat it immediately. I'm not in the UK so unfortunately it all cost me a lot of money and bc I became financially stressed afterwards and b/c I had an extremely demanding job w/o any paid days off (sick or not) I'm just now able to follow up with my smear test, it's scheduled for next week and I'm terrified. My dr told me to come in 9 months later but it's actually been about 20 months. If irregular cells started to grow again what are my chances of this developing into cancer? Is 20 months afterward a long enough time for it to develop into cancer? I'm so scared, I have two children and a loving partner and we've been discussing maybe having another child before I get too old but now I'm terrified about my health. There's little information on what I'm worried about out there, I luckily found this place. Thank you. 


Sorry that you've had financial difficulties with your treatment. It's easy to forget how lucky we are in the UK, not having to worry about paying (at the point of use) for NHS procedures such as smears,  LLETZ (aka LEEP) etc etc

Following treatment for cell abnormalities, 90% of patients will have no further problems.  So the odds are very much in your favour.  This statistic and other information which might be helpful for you can be found on the following link:

Hope all goes well for you