Smear test call but not sure whether to go (fertility mentioned)

Hi everyone,

I have a long history of persistant HPV. My last colposcopy (April 2015) was all clear - nothing seen. And that’s my story - normal smear but positive HPV, low grade CIN or nothing seen on colp. I’ve just recieved my call for another smear test… but I’m not sure whether to go just yet.

I know it sounds totally nuts but I’m about to embark on a round of IVF following 3 months of immune treatment (I have a mucked up immune system that attacks my babies). I think I have had every gynae dr in the UK look up there - and fairly regularly - had a laproscopy and hysteroscopy in Dec 2015. All OK.

However, I get incredibly upset with colposcopies… like tears and tears. I do it, but find it very emotionally upsetting (probably more because of the questions before hand about children and pregnancies). I’m not sure I need the trauma right now.

So I’m thinking of delaying… just a few months until this is over (believe me I will go!).

Am I mad for doing this?

obviously I have no bleeding etc so all OK.

Really appreciate honest and empathetic thoughts.


Hi Spacebunny,

I feel for you, it is not nice but I think you should grab the bull by the horns and go, and be very proud of drumming up the courage.

I just wanted to tell you too, a friend of mine had the same condition and had multiple miscarriages due to her body attacking the embryos. She had similar treatment to you and has just recently welcomed her 2nd baby this month at the age of 45, so do not lose hope. (Not saying it will take that long, they started trying late too)

Hope you don't mind my opinion, you did ask! It would be a shame to ruin a long awaited pregnancy with worries about your cervical health, when you already have so much to deal with.

Big hugs


Thank you Suzysooz. Love the story about your friend :)

I will make an appointment for a smear test - I guess I can always cancel if I change my mind (I know not ideal!!!) I just really don't want to recieve a letter saying high risk hpv go to colposcopy at a crucial stage in treatment - It will upset me so much. Will think it all through. Thank you for being honest. Hope your results come back soon. xxx

Could you maybe make an appointment to see the doctor and discuss your concerns and see what they suggest? Its hard to recommend delaying as they are so important but I don't know how it affects ivf. I'm sorry you have so much going on. It would he nice to be able to switch off from it all! Stay strong. Xxx

thanks Jojo. I bit the bullet and made an appointment for a smear next week.... :(