Smear test and HPV positive & Hysterectomy

Hi I had smear test said HPV positive but not enough cells to accurately say anything else. I was referred for a scan the consultant said all was OK. Iv had another smear awaiting results. I am confused about HPV does this mean it is inevitable to get cell changes and progress to CC eventually, as was thinking about treatments and if you can go straight to request a hysterectomy would this lesson the risk of cancer in future. I lost my husband last year suddenly heart attack im 52 no family to help me through any treatments and certainly dont want children. Thank you

Hi @Louise2

Just to reassure you, there is absolutely no inevitability of developing abnormal cells, far less cervical cancer from having hpv.

You cannot simply request a hysterectomy when there is no medical reason for it, and it wouldn’t remove the hpv in any case. So, even if you had a hysterectomy, you would still need regular checks, as abnormal cells can still return, for example on the vaginal cuff and vulva.

But there is no reason to have a hysterectomy on the basis of having hpv and you would not get one without having other medical reasons for it.

Hi Lilypingu,

Thank you for that for the clarification at my age there was not the knowledge or rather it wasnt really discussed about HPV.


Hi @Louise2

I know what you mean about the fact that hpv wasn’t discussed-it still isn’t talked about enough nowadays which leads to such a lot of unnecessary fear and worry.

I hope your result comes back with no cell changes and you can move on without any more worries about this. I’m so sorry to read you are on your own without support, but if you have any other questions or concerns, just post them on the forum and there are lots of ladies who will be able to help. Take care. xx

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Hello Louise2 . My gynecologist once told me that some women have HPV for many many years she mentioned 16 years or more without it causing any issues at all so having HPV is not a guaranteed cell changes or cancer. It just puts you in a higher risk that is why we get more regular checks when HPV positive.
So please if you have no abnormalities and just HPV try not to worry and enjoy life attend all your appointments and you will be fine overthinking is the worst part of all this I did that and is such a waste of time.

Hi Hop1, Thank you for the re-assurance, just waiting on my last smear result. I had read HPV only lasts two years but reading on here that appears not to be true.

While it usually clears within 2 years, it can persist for much longer than that of your immune system doesn’t suppress it. x

Thank you for that Lilypingu as iv been confused as how i could have caught it as being with my husband 9 years never cheated and the last 5 years of our marriage he was seriously ill he passed away last year, and he wouldnt have been well enough too.

Hi Louise

You could have had it for years but just not known about it. In recent years the screening programme has checked for hpv first before deciding if further investigations are needed, but in the past this was not the case.

It’s impossible to know when you contracted hpv, but it could have been long before you were with your husband, if you’ve ever had sexual activity with someone else for example. We can never know from whom or when we contracted the virus so it’s best not to overthink that. I’ve never even been told I had hpv, but I know I have as it caused my cancer. I guess having hpv became the least of my worries really!

Just keep up with your appointments and all should be fine for you. x

Thank you Lilypingu im sorry to hear about your cancer, I hope your treatment is going well. Thank you for your help and advise I really appreciate it x

Thanks Louise-my treatments finished some time ago and I am doing well. x

so pleased to hear x

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