Recent diagnosis- not even sure what I’m trying to say!

Hi, after an abnormal smear - with no cell changes - last year, and another this year- with cell changes-, Following a biopsy, I was told I did in fact have cancerous cells, a microscopic area. The consultant believes he removed them during the colposcopy and my MRI and CT scan was clear.

I’m having a repeat procedure and biopsy tomorrow as he wants to do another thorough check whilst I’m asleep.

He thinks I have good reason to have a hysterectomy which is planned for the 24th November. Not sure why he wants to do a repeat procedure before the hysterectomy- has anyone had this before?

He also said I will need to decide whether I have my ovaries taken or not- that is my choice. I do have endometriosis too which I’ve had previous surgery for. I’m 37 and I don’t know whether I should have them removed or not?

Apart from during the wait from the CT and MRI scan, during which time I was thinking worst case scenario - cancer spreading everywhere etc, I’ve managed quite well to just block out most feelings and worries as I was just delighted to hear he thinks he’s removed what was there. I don’t think I’ve had time to process it all and at times it doesn’t even seem real. Because it was caught early and as far as I know it’s been removed, I don’t feel like I’ve even had cancer. But then at times I feel like I want to talk about it and I feel sad and scared but I feel I shouldn’t.

Anyways, I don’t even know what I’m trying to say or what I want to say….

Being a woman is really rubbish sometimes and I do hope things get easier. :smile:

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Hi, i can’t help but wanted to answer. I have had similar experience abnormal smear no cell changes last year to hg severe this year! Its such a shock isn’t it. I am waiting for my biopsy under ga and my anxiety is through the roof thinking all sorts!

So sorry to hear you are struggling and its understandable, its a lot to take in, it definitely is rubbish being a woman at times.


Hi. This was nearly the exact same situation as me. Smear last year HPV positive with borderline changes. This year, HPV with glandular abnormalities. Called for colposcopy, loop biopsy done, called back and told I have cancer (adenocarcinoma) - staging CT/MRI to determine stage and whether they have removed it all. (THIS WAS THE WORST TIME WAITING) I did the same thing, any niggle I thought it had spread. Told I have stage 1B1 - discussed hysterectomy as consultant believes this is the best option (my cancer wasn’t seen on MRI it was that small) HOWEVER he talked about the ovaries and explained the chance of microscopic spread - unable to be detected on imaging. He told me the chance was 5-10% and whether I thought this was a small risk or high risk and for me - I couldn’t live with the dread wondering whether I could have been cured and chose to risk it for it coming back much worse as a secondary. I have opted for the radical hysterectomy, all lymph nodes and ovaries out. I’m only 32. I’m scared about all the side effects after this - but I will be alive and that’s what matters! :heartpulse:


Very similar situation. Nothing was seen on my scans either.

I certainly don’t want to get to the stage where the cancer comes back and it spreads!

I honestly just want my womb and cervix gone. My endo isn’t going to improve so in my mind I am set on just getting the hysterectomy done I hope I get the chance to speak to the doctor when the results come back. It’s awful that I know I will have this constant fear now. I’ll always think the cancer will come back.

Hen are you having your op? X

24th November. Got my pre op on Tuesday. Are you having a radical hysterectomy? They want to remove absolutely everything on me to reduce the risk of reoccurrence. Xx

That’s the same planned date for mine!

I don’t know. Waiting for biopsy results then will go from there. I definitely got the impression from the doctor that I should have my ovaries taken too. I only have one Fallopian tube due to an ectopic. X

I’m also 37. Had a stage 1A1 adenocarcinoma found after a LLETZ (they had presumed just CGIN). I had a further LLETZ procedure knowing I was having a hysterectomy to decide whether to go for a simple of radical surgery. There’s a lot more morbidity associated with the radical hysterectomy so I was keen to avoid it if i could. Further CGIN was found but no cancer so I had a simple hysterectomy mid-August and now fully recovered. I opted to spare my ovaries.

Hi ladies hope you don’t mind me joining in? Your stories are very similar to mine and I felt I had to ask how you are doing? Well I hope?
My last smear 3 years ago was completely normal but in sept they identified CIN3 and took punch biopsy…. Two weeks later after being told it was Pre cancer I had a LLETZ. That’s now come back as 1a1. I got very few answers from consultant and as you know - we don’t always have our listening ears on when our world starts to fold inwards… I’m due another LLETZ on 8th Dec and I ‘think’ she said something about testing lymph nodes but I don’t know if that’s on 8th as well or another appointment will be made after this one. I’m still working full time as it helps my anxiety but starting to over think every ache and pain. 12 years ago I had a nephrectomy and was told due to scar tissue I’d likely always have pain so a lot of my symptoms where chalked up to that plus lockdown working from home bad posture and having covid twice. The incontinence I put down to weight fluctuations and stress (I have depression and PTSD after my husband was killed in a RTC) but the more I read the more things all tie in together in my head but I keep telling myself I’m over thinking and stressing unduly and as you have probably gathered I ramble on as I can’t really think straight. I was told at 1st LLETZ that it’s rare for hysterectomy to be agreed but all the stories I’ve read make me think I should be pushing for one…. Honestly I’m rather confused-any advice or just a hello would be worth it’s weight in gold right now.

Morning, sorry you are going through this. The waiting is definitely the hardest time. Have you been offered MRI and CT? I had the same stage as you and lymph nodes were never mentioned. Consultant said at that stage of cancer the risk of is spreading to lumph nodes was 1%.

Once I got the all clear he felt that a hysterectomy was a good option as I have endometriosis and not able to have anymore children naturally anyway. Also, it’s peace of mind. Within 2 weeks of getting second biopsy results following Lletz, I have had my hysterectomy with ovaries left in as they were fine. Had tube taken too.

You could request a call from your consultant to try and get your thoughts across. It’s a really rubbish time and you’ll feel like no one else understands. Whilst waiting for results I had convinced myself it had already to my spine and kidney. They have caught yours early. When I’m having a down day I remind myself that things could have been a lot worse. Thanks to the smear ( although like you) I don’t understand how it progresses so quickly. Consultant said that the cancer was well hidden and it can take a while for the smear to pick up the HPV and cells changes . Take care and keep talking xxx

How are you doing following the? I’ve just had cervix, womb and tube taken through robotic, keyhole. Surgery went smoothly considering I have endo.

I’m in a fair bit of pain now. Having regular morphine which helps but not completely . Gas pain is unreal.

There was a little debate over whether to keep ovaries or not. Final decision was to keep them. Consultant said if he looked and thought I’d need surgery on them in the next year he would remove them.

How are you feeling now?

I still feel in denial really! None of it has sunk in fully. I feel it will hit me once home.

Did you have your surgery? How are you doing? Xx

I have to say my surgery was plain sailing. I’ve had 2 c-sections for big babies/bad positions and they hurt a whole lot more to recover from. I’m allergic to morphine and still breastfeeding so opted for just ibuprofen/paracetamol and for the most part, was relatively pain free. But I don’t want that to take away from what you’re feeling….everyone is different especially if you’ve got endometriosis.
I got my results a couple of months ago to say no further cancer found in my cervix/uterus and only a small fibroid.
I’m now 3.5 months post surgery and it’s like I’ve never really had anything done. I’ve got a check up with my consultant this coming week but apart from that, I’ve had a while of feeling ok and almost forgetting about it all.
I hope you are recovering well and that you too have a few months to just relax and recover. Xxx

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I’ve only ever had key hole and I’m thankful for that- I know c-sections are tough. I do think that once the gas is gone I’ll be ok. My incisions feel fine. And, my catheter has just been removed! The next challenge is getting out of bed and to the toilet.

I like to hear positive stories and I’m glad your recovery was smooth!