HPV and Hysterectomy - new diagnoses


I had my first abnormal pap last year, tested positive for HPV, had a colposcopy, and a LEEP procedure in December. At the beginning of January I was told by my gyno that I have adeno carcinoma in situ of the cervix - its not invasive and pre-cancer cells but he recommends a hysterectomy (i’m 34 and wasnt planning on more kids). It was a little jarring because I had no idea this was an option at the moment.
my gyno isn’t the best for answering all my questions, which is frustrating. He said theres a chance for the abnormal cells to regrow and “we’ll deal with it, if that happens” (a little dismissive)
I can trust his process and if a hysterectomy is what is recommended than I can accept that. But because I tested positive for HPV there’s a chance for the abnormal cells to re-grow - how long does that take? What happens then? I won’t have a cervix so whats the course of treatment?
He keeps mentioning the vaccine for HPV - will this help prevent the regrowth of abnormal cells ?

I know its a small percentage of re-growth but I just feel a little defeated because in May 2022 I had my first abnormal pap ever, and one year later I’m getting a hysterectomy.

Can anyone offer some of their own stories/experiences or shed some light on my questions? I do have an appointment with my family doctor Feb 2, and I’m hoping she’ll be able to answer some questions.

Hi @saramo

When precancerous changes are treated with a hysterectomy and on the rare occasion that abnormalities do return, these cells are called vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia (VAIN) cells, as you would lack a cervix the abnormalities would be on the vaginal cuff where the cervix used to be and the cells could progress into vaginal cancer… im not sure if they mentioned, you would still be invited for regular smear tests but instead of a cervical smear this would be called a vault smear, so they can catch these abnormalities in time before they turn

https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/vaginal-cancer/vain … theres more information on how VAIN is dealt with on this website

There is some new research that suggests that the vaccine can be used as a therapeutic measure when people have high grade lesions not just as a preventive against HPV itself, the studies are still early days so it may be a while before its actually approved for use that way but they have had promising results so many doctors are recommending it

I hope this helps xx

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thank you so much!