Smear done then booked in for colposcopy 4 days later... should I be worried?

Hi all,

Just in need of some reasurence.

I had my smear done yesterday morning and the nurse sent me straight through to the Dr afterwards to refer me to the hospital. The Dr said I would need to be seen by the Colposcopy team at the hospital.

Before I even got home I had a call from the hospital telling me that my colposcopy had been booked in for friday (just 4 days from my smear)

I havent had a smear in 4 years and the results from that was borderline, as where all my smears from age of 23.

Has this happened to anyone else? Should I be concerned at how quick all this is happening?

I suppose we should always be concerned with our health. Be assured that they’re acting swiftly and appropriately. That’s always a good thing. Do not panic until there is reason to panic.