No smear results, but colposcopy booked?

Hi. I'm hoping someone can help/advise/ put my mind at ease... I had a smear on Monday, came home today to an appointment letter for a colposcopy on 1st November. I've not had anything about the results of my smear, just this appointment. Any ideas? Should I have something about my results? I'm lost

Hi Sam 

somthing must have come up in your smear which is not necessary something terrible but enough for them to book you in for a colposcopy. It could be anything from moderate to sever cells so unless you can find out from your Dr there is no way to know for sure. 

good luck. 


I was the same i had a smear just over two weeks ago and i was referred for a colposcopy howvere i did bleed a lot during the smear test.  I phoned my GP and asked for the results and i was told they dont give out results the hospital will.  I called the hospital and they said you have been referred we dont have results of your smear so you should phone your GP.  So i am none the wiser.

I had my smear because i had symptoms of bleeding after sex for more than 6 months and bleeding between periods and period pain almost daily.

My colposcopy is next Thursday and i am dreading it, i think its the unknown really.  Hope all goes well with you xx


Just to let you know I was the same, I only got told I was booked for the colposcopy and not why. They may just take a closer look at the app or if they want to do further investigation take some very small biopsies.