Silver nitrate treatment

I had silver nitrate treatment to a cervical ectropian on Tuesday. I was having a biopsy as I had had an episode of abnormal very heavy bleeding 3 months ago but that had all settled. However my nhs referral had taken this long to come through and she said she wanted to do a biopsy just to check all ok because of my age (46) etc. However whilst in the stirrups she treated the ectropian I knew Ialready had with silver nitrate without asking me?! I've chosen not to have this treated before as I've been told by two specialists it was only a small ectrpion and not the cause of the above bleed. The biopsy was incredibly painful and although I asked if it would make me bleed at all( she said no) by the time I got back to work I was doubled over in pain and having a bloody discharge. 

4 days later and I'm still losing blood - more of a heavy pink/sometimes red discharge. Any advice as to how long this will last. Was given no aftercare , been to gp who says hopefully will sort itself out soon and having looked  at guys hospital online leaflet says all should be ok after about a week after silver nitrate? Including intercourse.

4 week recovery only for other types of cautery? 

Just looking for any help / advice from people who've had this done as feeling pretty anxious  - so far doesn't seem to be stopping? 

Many thanks

Hi I'm in the same situation as you. I went to my gp as I have had bleeding in between periods for a good few months now. My gp done an examination and said I had cervical ectropion and referred me to gynaecology department at the hospital. When I got my appointment in at the hospital i had already been spotting for a week. The doctor examined me and said there was blood on my cervix and would take swabs and apply the silver nitrate. I was basically thrown out the door with any advice on aftercare etc. It has been 6 days now and I am still bleeding. The first couple of days after the treatment was heavy dark brown discharge with chunks of the silver nitrate in it. Now it isnt as heavy but is bright red when I go to the toilet. Any idea on how long this will last? I'm fed up constantly bleeding and just want the problem to be over.

Sorry to hear yr having the same issues. Been back to gp today who said he doesn't think i have an infection but has given me antibiotics to start in a couple of days. Still bleeding after 6 days - making me so stressed. Taking tranexamic acid but not stopping.