cervical ectropion - 2nd treatment

I am only 20 and about a year and a half ago i started heavy spotting most days. i have been on microgynon 30 ed for about 3 years also. i went to the doctors and was told it was breakthrough bleeding so i started taking my break weeks every month to see if it stopped. bleeding carried on (also was very heavy after sex). i went back to doctors and had an examination and was referred to the hospital with an ectropion - had the silver nitrate treatment and bleeding stopped for about 2 months. bleeding came back and i went back to gynaecologist for second treatment - i think it was cauterised? loop diathermy? i’m not quite sure because i went alone and was a bit scared so have forgotten! anyway it’s been two weeks now and i haven’t had any heavy bleeding that i was told to expect for 4 weeks after treatment? i have in the last few days had a orangey yellow discharge? not overly smelly but a different colour to normal. do i go back to my gp to check it out or has anyone else experienced this? i’m quite concerned because of how young i am and female cancers do run in my family. also waiting back for biopsy results.