• had small discharge after punch biopsy but then heavier red blood 3 days after. I have an ectropion that causes post coital bleeding. Doctor said she wanted to take biopsy in cause if minor changes. A little alarming as she was going to treat the ectropia before she looked. I asked if she could see cancer and she said no. I was fine with this but now I've had bright red bleeding I am starting to worry. Does anyone know if this is normal to get a delayed bleed? 

Hi Hun,

I just had some spotting & loss of the brown stuff they use to stop bleeding for the first few days but on day 6 I started to bleed quite heavily (more than a period).

Youl see I actually wrote a post on here myself panicking as I didn't expect the bleeding & due to a mirena coil I don't have periods so knew this wasn't the cause. 

A few people suggested a possible infection so I decided is phone the gp the next day but as it happens the next day the bleeding was much lighter. 

I still had bleeding/discharge until around 2 weeks but when I asked my go about it she said it was probably that I'd just knocked the 'scab' off the small area they took biopsies. 

If your still concerned & it doesn't seem to ease up Id phone the colposcopy clinic or your GP. 

Youl see on here we've all ended up phoning for advise or to chase up appointments & results, so the clinics are well used to people calling so don't like like you'd be mithering. 



hi Dani

How heavy is the bleeding? I remember after my biopsy I had a slight delay before I bled a bit. Also I had my Lltez treatment almost 3 weeks ago and I am still getting the odd spots of blood, quite red but not lots of it. My consultant told me to expect this so I am not too worried. I just think the area is very very susceptable to bleeding as so many blood vessels like you I have had an erosion (not sure if its still there as I only found out about it at my smear and I have been treated with antibiotics and at my colposcopy and she applied silver nitrate I think to cauterise it) so that could be causing the issue.

I agree with Johanna, give them a ring and ask them - hopefully this will put your mind at rest.

Jac x

Thank you for your replys. Everyone is so supportive. The bleeding eased after Saturday night and have hardly anything now :) the doctor said that this is not suprising and bleeding can come later. It's very hard not too feel anxious waiting for result. thank you again for you advise x dani - sorry about the text trying to write in my phone and its acting very weird