Hi ladies
I was just woundering if any of u where scared to have sex after getting cancer. I am married and know i have to again but i am afraid it will make my cancer come back. Can some of u give me some advice please. I know this sounds funny. :slight_smile:

Hey...No I totally understand where you are coming from!

I had the HPV and once Id had my hysterectomy and was feeling ready to be intermate again I would think things whilst doing the act! 'What if he passes back the HPV and it come back'. My sex life isn't the same anymore and I'm very reluctant to be intimage, I'll often make excuses in fear that I'll either bleed or it will id Rather not do it. It's taken it's toll on my relationship with my husband in all honety as he gets very shitty with me. Can't blame him really...


I totally understand how you feel and I'm the same. I sometimes think I'd rather never have sex again but as I'm in a long term relationship I have to but I avoid it as much as possible and never instigate it myself. I worry about hpv, always go to the toilet after and check for bleeding. I feel bad for my partner, he's asked me before if I don't fancy him anymore and mentioned the lack of sex but I really just want to be left alone down there x

I havent even tried since treatment finished. Its a mix of me panicking that there willbe blood,and because my hips hurt,my hubby is scared he does more damage. I guess we will all know when The time is right and we will bite the bullet x

Hi ladies 

hang in there it is a bit scarey at first I imagine everyone goes through the same panic modes and tenses up I was the same and my husband was as scared as me keep trying use plenty of lube and eventually after a few times I'm sure it will just come naturally and more enjoyable 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Hi Mmouse :-)

Well it will be a bit different, that much is almost certain, but it won't make your cancer return.

Be lucky :-)


I'm two and a bit years finished my treatment and I check for blood every single time... After radiation sometimes there is some pink spotting and I've cried and cried. But it really is mind over matter... The more I felt I had to do it the more that feeling faded and before I knew it I was instigating it again and even though I've had a full hysterectomy and radiation sex can still be good fun. Now I'm so glad I allowed it just to flow and gradually get back to normal. Without sounding odd aswell try other things and build up to it... I've ended up not needing dialators either and let's face it getting to point where sex is fun again has got to be better than using those things lol xx 

Hi ladies - I have advanced cancer and still have everything I've had it all and a lot of shit that came after it as well and i can honestly say that my body is battered and been through the ringer! I was adamant that I wasn't going to get into a relationshop having been single for 5 years and I've just recently begun a relationship with a friend that I've known for 5 years....

we have attempted sex a few times but have had to stop because it hurt (I've never used the sticks or anything else - I'm 2 years post treatment) and my partner is so understanding and is willing to wait and lets me take things at my pace and is happy with that - if your scared like I was (I was drunk the 1st time we tried) we did foreplay (this was also the 1st time together!) and then I gradually got the confidence (the sambucca would of helped also!) and yes things were awarkward then next day cus I did have a bit of bloody discharge but this went eventually but don't be worried or scared your body has changed and has gone through a lot!!!

your partner loves and cares for you and been with you through the toughest battle you've gone through so they won't mind waiting to be intermate!! Do other things to be physical find your feet and discover each other's bodies again and when you feel ready take it slow x


I'm also in the same boat. My husband and I are having a really tough time of it just now as I avoid sex like the plague and have only had sex once this year and when we did do it, I was bleeding. I told my consultant and he said to keep an eye on it and if I was to keep on having sex and bleeding then he'd look into it but we don't have sex so it's making me even more scared :( I use the dilators every second day and don't have any issues with them and my dr said that he doesn't see anything that concerns him but I just can't seem to get over it!