Hello ladies

I have a guestion for anyone who would like to answer. I am post treatment and have not had sex with my husband yet. I guess for the fear of what is going to happen like is it goung to hurt or am i going to cry after because of the fear of the cc returning. This had been a very emotional rollercoaster for me,like many others i guess also. So i would be happy to hear from any woman who have did rhe deed. Lol :-) My husband has been wouderful but i cant make him wait forever.


Thank you ladies :-) 

Hi Mmouse

i hadn’t even considered it would be a problem until i was about 4 weeks post treatment and then began to get quite panicky at the thought of it. It was absolutely fine in my case which was a huge relief but I would have the lubricant  handy. This was all quite recent for me too - I am still only 7 weeks post chemoradiation for stage 2b. Good luck 



Hi Nellynora

I want to say thanks for your post.  I am glad it went well makes me feel a little better:-)

We waited until I'd completed my chemotherapy, so about 6 months, the inside of my vagina feels very different and I'm not producing as much natural lubricant as I did before it's very much a slow process for us, no pain more a stinging sensation.

Hi Mmouse, 

ahh i'm the same as you, the thought of it terrifies me after all the trauma it's had down there! but i've been thinking the same, my fiance has been great too but i am worried about it.

Reading the posts that it has been ok is reassuring :) Hope it goes ok for you if/when you do the deed! ;)


I never really experienced any fear with this, do you use dilators?? I got back into the way of it fairly quickly and actually take it as a positive thing as my symptoms were definitely aggravated by sex so it kind of gives me peace of mind, no blood, no pain. Ocassionally I’ve had some pink spotting and lubrication an be an issue but other than that it’s been absolutely fine. 


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