Sex after hysterectomy


I'm 7 weeks post op and was wondering how long to wait before having sex. been told a few different number of weeks. My partner has been amazingly patient although he's enjoying the attention being solely on him I would like to get back to normal.

And anyone had an increased sex drive after hysterectomy? Mines through the roof at the moment whether it's because it's been off the table or is it going to be an ongoing thing? 

We have been together 11 years and always had a fun sex life and he has been nothing short of amazing throughout this and one thing I will say is we have discovered we laugh a lot ! 

Apologies for tmi xx

Hi Meg

I had a trachectomy so not exactly the same, but we waited about 7 weeks too and just started gently.  I had a little bit of bleeding but nothing too worrying and no pain.  

I think it also comes down to how you feel!


I have heard 6 weeks so I am sure you will be fine as long as you ask partner to go gently and as long as you both have a bit of fun that's all that matters. I think I am going to try and not have expectations that it will be just like before it might take a few months for nerves etc to return.  I am not yet two weeks post op and whilst it's the last thing on my mind right now I am 34 and will be intending on resuming things about 8 weeks if given clear from consultant. As would imagine longer you leave it possibly harder it will be mentally.  Good luck and let me know how you get on (sorry for asking for tmi!! lol). Xx


Good luck! :-)

And no such thing as tmi on here ;-)