Sex after a radical trachelectomy

Hi, I had a trachelectomy on the 12th August, everything went well and I don't need any further treatment. I was advised to wait six weeks before having sex, the six weeks is up in a few days but I'm feeling really nervous about getting intimate with my partner again. I'm scared it's going to hurt or that I might bleed, I bled after the LLETZ procedure and that really upset me. How have people found their first time after the trach and did things feel any different? Also how did you get past the nervousness? My stomach is still swollen aswel so I'm not feeling very attractive at the moment and I just want to cover up.

Hi Amy

I was nervous too. i think I waited until about 7 weeks as I still felt a little tender. In the end it just happened quite naturally. I have had a little bit of blood on a couple of occassions but this is perfectly normal and to be expected. The way my doc described it is that parts of you that are sensitive are now exposed and not protected by the cervix. Sex was not painful but my hubby could still feel stitches for a could of weeks. This disapeared though. It freaked me out at the time so just wanted to mention it. Don't put too much pressure on yourself xxx

It's not a race, you don't have to run just because the starter has fired his pistol. Take your time and don't push yourself.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you, I can't see me returning to normal for at least another couple of weeks, I'm still a bit freaked out about the whole thing. hope you don't mind me asking but was it just a little bit of blood? The first time I had sex after the LLETZ there was quite a lot of blood, I was so embarrassed, i felt awful for my partner. It only happened the once but this is one of my main worries. He's really understanding but it can't be nice for him x

Hi there - ask away!  Anything you like - i'm happy to share. :)

It was what I would class as a little bit of blood.  My hubby could tell there was bleeding before me, if you know what I mean.  I then had a touch of blood when I wiped.  That was it!  

In my experience, sex afterwards was absolutely fine and nothing to worry about.  Even if it feels a little strange at first, it does get back to normal.  I can't really tell any difference whatsoever now.  

Take your time though.   Even the idea of being 'allowed' to have sex again on a certain date and the pressure that comes from that can make you tense.  Just wait until you are ready.


Ahh that makes me feel a bit better, I know everyone's different but it's nice to hear someone elses experience. I just hope I can relax enough to not tense up, my partners such a worrier, I know if I'm not relaxed or if I'm uncomfortable in any way he'll think it's something he's done.

i thought the op and recovery would be the hard part but this is proving to be just as difficult. In a way I just want to get it over with but at the same time I don't want to rush things so I can give myself a bit longer to heal fully


Hi Amylou

I had a trach too, they advised me to wait 6 weeks but I was nervous and waited 8. It was absolutely fine, I was very nervous obviously, and it was slightly uncomfortable but not painful. I'm sure your partner will know to be gentle and several reminders throughout will help too haha.

I had a coil fitted during my op, and once that had been removed (about 3 months afterwards) sex was more enjoyable, so I don't know if that was just me, or what!


We done the deed last night, it was sooner than planned but the time felt right. Everything was fine, it was a little uncomfortable and it felt a bit different but I made sure we kept it slow, no pain or blood either which I was pleased about. Hoping next time will be better, just glad I got it over with and we can get back to normal.


I love that analogy Tivoli!

Great news!