Personal *SEX after LLETZ*


I am really embarrassed to ask this question but do not know who else I can ask :frowning:
I had LLETZ procedure 5 1/2 weeks ago and suffered an infection 9 days in so now I am worried/cautious about everything. The thing is my husband has been amazing and not said anything at all but im wondering if it will be ok now to get on with life as normal and that includes sex??? plus swimming :wink:

any advice will be hugely appreciatedā€¦


Hi Lottie

We resumed 'normal service' about 5 weeks after mine, and it was absolutely fine. If my experience was anything to go by, you'll know when it's OK as all bleeding/discharge will have stopped and you won't be feeling any twinges or tenderness down there.

I was a bit worried for the first attempt as my man is generously endowed shall we say (TMI I know) so I did wonder if he'd hit the end and it'd hurt or something. But no, it was exactly like it was before anything was done to me. Phew.

IfĀ  everything feels pretty normal down below, you're probably fine to give it a go!!