Sent for coloposy after gp found red spot

I am 52 and have had light spotting for 6 months. I put it down to menopause but for the last 3 month’s sex has been painful and a lot more bleeding following sex.
I went to my gp who following examination said i had a red spot on my cervix which bled when touched.
I am going for a coloposy (or something) next week.
The info i was sent talks about CIN1 and CIN2 but from reading articles this would be picked up via a smear and would not have any symptoms so im guessing its not that
Has anyone had anything similar

Could be a cervical ectropian - try not to worry too much. It’s good you’ve been referred because the colposcopy will show everything about 40 x magnification, as well as staining the tissue, and is much more likely to be able to show more clearly if anything needs treating. X


Thank you i did see this in my self diagnosis google searches🙂 but it said it was coomon in puberty and rare following menopause so i kind of thought naybe not. Im guessing i want to know if anyone has been in similar circumstances and what was the diagnosis.
I am going next monday so not long to wait. Will they be able to say there if it is cancer or will it be further waiting

Just updating in case anyone else has similar symptoms to me and is searching for answers.
I had my colposcopy today. The nurses were fantastic. Turns out I had a polyp on my cervix that bled very easily. It has been removed then and there and will be sent off for checking. The nurse said there is nothing suspicious looking about it but they are just being safe. I am also to go for an ultra sound scan, again just to be safe.
Although i tried to stay positive there were some nights i let my mind run. So to anyone with similar circumstances try not to worry :slightly_smiling_face: