Back to colcosopy:-(

Morning All

I posted in the symptoms forum last week and have just returned from another GP appointment. After having a bit of bleeding after sex and having had history of CIN and a leep 9 years ago I was very worried. The GP said I have a large cervical erosion, I have bled a lot after being poked about with but no pain. She took a smear but has referred me to colcosopy, she was very brash about it all and she said they would check for anything more sinister! Luckily I have private medical care so I should get an appointment date by tomorrow. Of course I have done the worse thing by googling and have seen that some people have been diagnosed with cc thinking it’s just an erosion. I wondered if anyone else have experience of this?

I have been extremely anxious since last week and this has done nothing to make me feel any better:-(

Hi there 

Google is not your friend in this situation.  While it is true that some people have ended up being diagnosed with cc after suspected erosion, there are TONS of people who were diagnosed with a cervial erosion after a suspected cervical erosion and loads of other people that have been diagnosed with easily treatable CIN.  It's human nature to look at the worst possible scenario, but the chances are that it is easily sorted out, particularly if you are up to date with your smears.  It is also BRILLIANT that your GP is proactive and isn't ignoring your concerns though. And even better you have the benefit of private care and a quick appointment.  Just breathe, stay away from google and remind yourself that it is only a very small, unlucky percentage who develop cervical cancer. And even when it is diagnosed it is usually early stage, when they cannot physically see a tumour on inspection, Best of luck xx