Second cone biopsy

Hi all

Firstly, I just want to say how grateful I am that this site exists, as I've been reading through accounts to get me through the first bit of my experience. Basically, I would like to find out if anyone has had an experience like mine, and what happened?

I had my first pap smear in June, and it came back with HSIL. Following that, I had a colposcopy and punch biopsy in July that confirmed the HSIL and CIN111, and showed that the abnormal cells were very far up my cervix. I was then scheduled for a cone biopsy in August which I am currently recovering from. Unfortunately, this cone biopsy showed HSIL/CIN111 still present in the upper part of my cervix and the doctor said he wants to do another cone biopsy probably in November.

He also said if this procedure is ineffective, I might have to have a hysterectomy. I don't want children, so that's okay, but it's pretty invasive surgery and that concerns me. 

Does anyone else have any sort of similar experience? Did the second cone biopsy work? 

Hi sorry I don't have much advice just that I had a cone biopsy done in april this year after having cin3 and precancours cells on my virginal walls. Thankfully for me the doctor wrote that it was cured. However I've been feeling pretty low past few months with several symptoms so asked if I could have a smear (was due one next month for my 6monthly check anyways) smear was done last Wednesday and got the results back yesterday saying high grade severe dyskaryosis. Am booked in for a colopospy on Monday. Like you they said I may have to have a hysterectomy if it returns. Guess it's the waiting game for me now. Just minds going into over drive. I hope you get the results you want asap.

Hi and welcome. I haven’t had a cone biopsy, but I’ve had 2 LLETZs because the abnormal cells were so deep, leaving me with little cervix left. The second LLETZ didn’t leave me with a satisfactory clear deep margin. So my consultant and is reluctant to do another one, because of the risks and suspects that there might be some more further up, which will be difficult to monitor with future screening. He gave me 3 options: a third LLETZ with the understanding how risky it would be, come back in 6 months time or have a hysterectomy. I’ve gone for the hysterectomy. Yes, it‘s pretty invasive, but it can be done laparoscopically, cutting down the pain and healing time. At the age of 48, I’m pretty cool about it and the thought of no more periods, great!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope everything works out for you as well!

Hi, thanks so much for your reply! Unfortunately in my country, hysterectomies in the public health care system are still done  traditionally via the abdomen so I'm a little concerned about recovery time and possible complications. But if it comes to that, I'm okay with it as it means an end to this whole thing, which I really want haha. 

Right now I feel so frustrated because I thought the first cone biopsy would've been sufficient to take care of the problem, and now I'm booked to do another :(. I just want this to be over so bad!

My consultant told me the abdominal incision is not unlike a caesarean. You say you’re concerned about the pain and healing, but the pain relief these days is pretty good. I was up the next day, walking around fine and was driving after 2 weeks after mine.

There are more risks associated with the laparoscopy than the traditional abdominal incision. Also, the abdominal incision is quicker and less expensive. Plus, you have the option of having a spinal tap with an abdominal, instead of a GA. Furthermore, certain conditions such as previous abdominal surgery, a large uterus, etc. can make a laparoscopy much more awkward and dangerous. I’ve been told because of my previous 2 caesareans, it may make the laparoscopy much more difficult and dangerous. So whilst I’m on the table, they may need to revert to the traditional method. I’m of the mindset: if I can have it laparoscopically, then that’s a bonus.

Yes, I felt the same way when my first LLETZ came back as ’inflamation’; it’s pretty frustrating and emotional thinking that it didn’t work the first time. I thought perhaps there had been a mistake or I had unnecessary treatment. However, after the second one, I soon realised my consultant had been correct by going in deeper again. So I’m trusting him again having the hysterectomy.


Ahh thank you so much... this honestly makes me feel a lot better about getting the hysterectomy if it comes to that! All the best with yours!

Hi Mimi - I am going through exactly the same as you and this site is great so that we can all stick together!

I had a smear privately in October last year and it came back with severe high grade changes and HPV positive. I was booked for a Coposcopy and then had to go back for a cone biopsy on the 19th December. The reults of my cone biopsy came back that I had CIN3 cells in my upper cervix and have now been booked in for a second cone biopsy on the 6th February. When I had my first one I was assured that it would rectify the problem and I am now worried that the 2nd one wont work!

How did you feel after your cone biopsy? It took me 2 weeks to recover - I had the most horrific period 2 days after mine!

As per your note I do not have children and decided not to have them but this starts to make you think about it when the decision could be taken away from you. I have also been extremely emotional - crying at everything!

When is your 2nd procedure booked for?

Looking forward to hearing from you :o) x