Positive Stories about Recurring CIN

Hey Everyone,


I have read this forum a lot over the past few years but this is my first post. I have just had my second colposcopy following an abnormal pap smear. 18 months ago I had my first LLETZ procedure which came out as CIN3- luckily the procedure was a success and came back with clear margins- however i am facing the same thing all over again! After the colposcopy the specialist said it didn't look good as I had a lot of "white spots" i.e. abnormal cells. I get the results from the biopsy on friday but she thinkg I will need another LLETZ.


I am only 26 years old, steady relationship but no children. I just wanted to know if there are any positive stories out there from women who have had 2 or more LLETZ procedures. I feel so helpless as I eat a healthy diet, exercies, don't smoke etc. The only think i think which might contribute is stress- and as most of you can tell it's easier said than done to just "not stress" about these things!! I'm terrified that if this keeps going on I will have to get a hysterectomy.


I would really appreciate your responses!





Hi love

I have had two LLETZ - I am not in a position to say if the second one has worked yet - my check up is in May!

I just wanted to say hi and I totally understand how scary and frustrating it is to have it return. You are not alone, there are a few of us who are in the same boat (see the recurring CIN thread!). 

I also am in a steady relationship but not children yet, eat really well, dont smoke and exercise - I guess we are just unlucky and our systems cant kick out the HPV virus 

If you want to PM me at all please do 

Cat xxxxx

Hi I am new to this site and just wondering... I had a colposcopy and LLetz done in November results came back CIN3

So They just did A Cone biopsy and I am waiting for the results of this procedure now. Has anyone else had a cold Knife cone and

had reoccuring issues or further treatment?


Thanks Hula-hoop,


I wonder what it means the fact that your second lletz came back only CIN1? Sounds like it could be a good thing? I get my results from second colposcopy tomorrow. I am dreading it!!


Has your doctor spoken to you about hysterectomy yet then? I wish there was a way to gauge how your body is dealing with the HPV!! Do you mind me asking how old you are?




P.S Sorry Kindred28, I haven't heard anyone having the cold knife cone. Perhaps if you start a new thread with that as the title more people will be able to respond? :)

Hey everyone!

i got my second colposcopy results today and I'm happy to say they came back as cin1. I'm happy because the smear said possible cin3 lesion and I was sure I'd need another lletz. Just wanted to let you know that sometimes thing work out a little better than you'd expect and aren't always worse case scenario whivh is often what you automatically think!