Scared of return

Hiya been going to the loo more often again pain in my stomach and back doesnt sting when peeing just a pain in my lower stomach and back is sore  having to go 3 times in the middle of the night if I press my tummy its sore all round dont know if i should phone the hospital cancer specialist nurse to ask advice has anyone else had this 4 years ned 2b2 cc thanks leanne x

Hi Leanne,


I would ring them and see if they can do a check up. When are you do for your regular checkup ( assuming you are not released back in the wild just yet ;-) )

I had a check up in jan this all started in feb not due for release till next year xx

Hi Leanne. I think if you are worried you should get it checked out. My rule of thumb is that if new symptoms haven't gone within 3 weeks , I will contact the team. 

Your symptoms could be due to a number of things.  Maybe contact your GP.  I needed to contact my GP a couple of days ago.  I went onto their website and because of the C-19 crisis the system has changed.  I used the e mail option on offer and the service was really good, in fact better than usual.  Because I was e mailing it made me think how best to express my concerns which I thought was a good discipline. The GP phoned me within a few hours, despite I ticked the 'could wait a few days' box, and my issue was resolved very efficiently.


I have my cancer specialist nurse on speed dial !! any concerns i call her infact she now calls me "matey " !!

Please give them a call leanne , it will put your mind at rest and if they want to see you they will. 

Best wishes 

Greeni xx