Scared and feeling down

Hey all,
Since being diagnosed with cc 4 weeks ago I have been on a roller coaster of emotions…at the moment I’m scared and anxious about my upcoming surgery and about all the things that could go wrong…that the cancer is worse than expected and the fear of not waking up from the anaesthetic…I know these are all common fears but I’m starting to feel really down and feel as though I can’t look forward to anything!!!
Much love
Kelly x

Hi Kelly,

Your fears are totally understandable, I think how I dealt with it is that the end result will be the cancer removed so seen it as 

a positive step,

Try to concentrate on after the operation get some good books ready to read, (I had a kindle and read 6 or 7 books straight off :-))

My Mum and I went to get some funky pyjamas for my friend's visits.

I just put total emphasise on the AFTER operation I think this helped, please try not to stress it's all over in no time promise xx Best Wishes

Hi Kelly

The fears are totally understandable and a lot of us were just the same as you - I know I was.  What Else has put about concentrating on the after operation is really good advice.  I listened to some guided meditation / calming cd's beforehand and they really helped me.

Be kind to yourself and try and treat yourself to something nice each day.  The time will soon pass and you will be on the road to recovery.

We are all here to support you, take strength from that.

Big hugs