Scans post treatment

Hello wonderful ladies

I was diagnosed 1b3 in June ‘21 and finished chemorad end of Sept 21. I had a follow up PET 3 months post and another 9 months post. All came back as complete response to treatment.
I just saw my rad onc for my 3 month check and she said it’s up to me if I want another PET.
I’m not sure what to decide as I know I have put my body through so much radiation. I did ask about MRI but she said PET is the best at detecting cancer. Also if I had an MRI surely it would just look at one area not my whole body.
I’m in Australia btw and wondering what you think and also what the protocol is where you are.
Thank you so much

Hey @Silvesterthecat ,

Im in Italy and im almost 2 years NED. Part of my protocol is RM+ PET every 4 months.
Sometimes i feel the same as you , so much radiation in my body, but in the end, is the only way to catch any small metastasis in your body before develop any symptoms and act with a plan immediately.

But on the other hand, it might get some wrong results and detect"cancer" where there isnt. this exam is so accurate that there is a small possibility to have some false positive results.

It happened to me twice, once there was activity in my uterus due to HRT and doctors had the suspicion that might be cancer but thank god the biopsy result came back negative and then, same with a lymphnode.

Despite of this, id rather do the PET scan 100%.

Hope this can help you to make a decision.

Hugs :heartbeat:

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Sorry - what is RM+ ?

Thank you for replying! Still trying to decide. I have another follow up in March so will ask again. So hard to decide…

Ups ! RM is MRI.