6mth check - now called for PET

Hi all
Wonder if anyone can help.
Had my scheduled 6mth Mri last week - just been called by hospital to request I have a PET scan as well. Nurse I spoke to said this was to aid their analysis she was reading through the notes and summarised there had been some changes - but couldn’t (or wouldn’t ) clarify what.
I’m now wondering what the hell is going on.
I’m a 2b adenocarcinoma girl 25 radio, 5 cisplatin, and 3 brachytherapy - finished Aug 14.
My 3 nth check was a bit unclear the Mri wasn’t as clear as the pet.
My mind is in overdrive now - anyone out there in the same situation or have experience of this?


Hiya! It wasn't until my third or fourth 6-month follow-up scan that I got a resounding all-clear without anything needed to be investigated further, none of which turned out to be anything cancer-related at all. You are under a microscope at the moment and they investigate every single tiny little thing that's slightly odd or out of the ordinary. And I can promise you, we are very complicated organisms and there is a hell of a lot that might be slightly odd or out of the ordinary without any of it being cancer. I know it's really difficult not to worry yourself into a box but a PET scan should give you a whole load of reassurance.

Be lucky :-)

Tivoli many thanks for your reply - so reassuring. When I had the diagnosis back in May 15 and was told I'd have 5 weeks of treatment I naively thought that would be it and I'd be back on my feet in no time. How wrong I was! It's "good" to hear that others like yourself have been through similar - the check ups are so daunting and all you want is to hear those magic words.