Results just say Abnormal

I had my smear just over a week ago and had a call my doctor on Friday to say my results were abnormal and that I had been referred and they would need to see me in the next week or so. I had the letter the next day (sat) and it just says my results were abnormal and I have a colposcopy appointment on Thursday. 

Im freaking out as it seems everyone gets told how severe the changes are on their letter and I just have 'abnormal'. I've convinced myself they must have found cancerous cells instead of the normal pre cancerous ones. 

Has anyone else's letter just said abnormal?

im so scared I have a 22month old son and I'm so desperate for another baby too, I don't want it all to be taken away from me 

Hey there. I know it's a scary time, getting that letter is an anxious experience. However, wanted to reassure you that my letter was the same; just said abnormal. I live in Scotland, think it varies according to where you live as to how much they tell you. So please don't let that worry you. You could always call your GP for more info. I didn't and spent a very anxious two months before my colp!

Six months later, I went for my follow up smear and got the same letter! Turns out my smear was normal but I was still testing for hpv so they wanted to do a colp to be on the safe side. I was relieved but angry that they put me through that again. I guess it's just the standard letter they send to everyone. 

Hope that helps. Please try not to worry too much although easier said than done I know! It's overwhelmingly likely that it won't be cancer and you might just need to get minor treatment.  Xx

Thanks for your reply, it has made me feel a bit better now. Hopefully it is just the standard letter they send. I just feel like they are hiding something from me! The doctor on phone didn't see to know much but I was taken by surprise and to be honest I didn't know what to ask until I googled abnormal smears! 

I am trying to be rational and know cancer is unlikely but it just seems strange everything is so rushed. My mother in law actually works at my doctors, but she was off last week. She said she will get a lady doctor to call me tomorrow as the man I spoke to doesn't normally deal with smears. Hopefully I'll get more info then.

My smear 3years ago was clear, and nurse that did this smear said crrvix looked healthy so hopefully they are positive factors xx

Hi there, I hope its of some comfort for you,  my letter also said just "abnormal".  I made an appointment to see my GP who was able to tell me it was CGIN. I assume they just have some standard letters they send out. My appointments have also been very quick, with the colposcopy booked in on the Monday after I'd had my results on the Thursday (if that makes sense!) and then my lletz 11 days later. They even sent me to a hospital 20 miles away for the lletz as they said my local hospital where I'd had my colposcopy had too long  a waiting list! I was a bit freaked out by it all, but it is a comfort to know they take it seriously and they don't make us wait too long to get seen. I hope you're able to get some information tomorrow and that your colposcopy appointment goes well for you. xx

Hi Happystars, thanks for your reply. The doctor has called me and it is CGIN that I have too. Apparently its more serious hence the rush.

Apparently its harder to pick up, not scared they missed it on my last smear 3 years ago and i have had it for ages.

Terrified they are going to take my uterus away and that it has spread :-( Being a bit silly and crying, my husband is home from work now and is always calm and rational but im still scared!

Fingers crossed all your results come back ok xx

Hi PrincessE,


You're not being silly at all. I was worried as well about them having missed it on my last smear and also worried that it may affect my ability to have children.   Its normal to feel worried I was feeling the same and like you I have a calm and rational husband who is trying to work his magic on me! I feel better having had the lletz treatment as the've found it and treated it and from what I can see on here many women have the treatment and its very successful and go on to have babies. I found the colposcopy appointment the hardest to deal with as I just didn't know what to expect and I was terrified they would tell me there and then that I had cancer and it had spread. As that was my worst fear I explained to the consultant that I was worried about other symptoms and pains I was experiencing and she booked me in for a scan but she did say that she would be very surprised if it found anything that was related to my abnormal smear (my scan was normal). She also was able to tell me that there were no growths seen during my colposcopy so that was helpful to. I found it helpful to explain my worries to her as she was then able to offer me information and the scan as ways of addressing these fears. I was recommended to write down some questions before going in and that was useful too.

Best wishes for your appointment. 



Your story makes me feel a bit better, i'm glad the Lletz has made you feel better and hopefully thats the end of it. I hope  mine can be treated by a LLETZ. I too have the fear that at my colposcopy they wil tell me i have cancer and its spread. And my little son will be the boy without a mommy :-( 

i'm at work today which has helped keep me busy but i feel shaky. I need to tell my line manager later so i can have Thurs off work, we are good friends so I want to tell her the truth but i'm scared i'll cry and i'm not the sort of person that crys at work. She is pregnant, and knows how much i want another so thats bound to come up.

I keep thinking i have back and tummy pains now, and can't remember if i had them before. I'm sure its all in my head. I'm usally such a laid back person but i have gone loopy!

Thanks so much for all your help, i will remember to write down questions xx




i had had the same problem and freaked out for about a week before phoning my doctor for my specific results. I was told moderate. She also advised its just a standard letter that's sent out and they don't elaborate on degree of abnormality. I had my colp last week and had biopsies taken and now on to the waiting game for the results. I hate this and think about it all the time to the point of obsessing. I hope all goes well with your colp but if you're anxious beforehand see if you can get a callback from your GP



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